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Is the Resume dead?

Is the Resume Dead? Google this question and you get 110 million responses – leaning toward yes.

While that may be true for the box of crème colored heavy stock paper to be “mailed” to employers, or even the electronic, two page, full recitation of education and job experience with edging and color fonts; To say Resume = Dead is an oversimplification all too typical today.

I read several of the top page responses to the question and while they made some valid points, including;

  • Resumes are “passe” according to many HR departments and personnel
  • Recruiters now  look to social media to find and gauge talent (LinkedIn, Facebook,
  • AI technology and Search Tech now crawl and compile candidates via specific parameters
  • A Document can’t show soft skills and emotional IQ

While all of the above is true to a certain extent, it’s incomplete.  The most important factor in successfully landing a job is connection(s) with or without the help of a recruiter. Connection fills in the gaps and lands the gig.

While it may be out of favor in the clickbait age, using some of the original questions I learned in Journalism class will never go out of style – because they work – if you work them. Communicate Who, What, Where, When, and Why you want to make a change or land that first gig.  Here’s a guide to get you started;

I spoke with a seasoned, high volume executive recruiter in our organization a while ago, and he was emphatic that a concise outline for a candidate is immensely helpful.  “As a recruiter I like to see a simple straight forward resume….. no “fluff”.  By fluff I mean colored borders, special fonts. I don’t need your picture 😊.

Keep it Simple guidelines:

  • Font:  Arial #11 or #12
  • Correct contact information.  You would be amazed how many resumes I receive with no phone# or incorrect phone#
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone #
    • Email address
  • A well stated Job objective
  • A bullet point summary of Key experience
  • Journeyman
  • Systems experience
  • Electrician

We search off key words, so use the skills/experience/education descriptors appropriate to your field

Job history:  Must be correct and in order.  Go from most recent position backwards and concisely explain gaps in employment

  • Job responsibilities
  • Accomplishments
  • Education
  • Certificates and special training (Six Sigma etc.)

Keep this to 1 page or 2 at the most.

If you are ready to take the next step, or if you know someone who is, or if you have openings you are having a hard time filling, check us out at 888-JOB-TEAM,, on facebook or LinkedIn  . We stand ready to serve!

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