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Y’all Change my life..I Appreciate y’all so much.. Nothing but love for y’all.. Once again Merry Christmas

Devanne McCastle

The job was what I was told it would be, and it was a good place to work. I was treated well by the employer, and I am very happy with the Advance team.

Joshua J

My assignment is actually a Dream come true , just to work for you guys make me feel like I accomplish more everyday . Thanks for your patience with me and the times I needed my employer to stand by my side through the very worst time of my life.


My experience was great, I was treated with kindness and respect, my questions were answered, the job was a definite match.

Haley Bradford

Loved working the County! As long as I was willing to work hard, they all treated me as a full time employee. Advance employees have been more available and always ready to help/answer anything I need.


I want to express my gratitude to Advance Employment, especially Ashley, who played a key role in helping me secure my job. The process was quick and easy, and Ashley was always there to support me.

I love my job at the company they placed me in. It’s an easy job with good pay, and the team is incredibly supportive. As a newcomer to Michigan, it was a relief to find an agency that helped me find a job I love in such a short time.

I’ve recommended Advance Employment to everyone I know looking for a job because they excel at getting people employed quickly and efficiently. Thanks to them, I’m back on my feet, and I’ll definitely turn to them for future job opportunities. Highly recommended!

Andrea Rodriguez

The best part of the job was the flexible schedule. It made it the perfect summer job because I could earn money yet have time for vacation.

Ava Bertke

From the beginning Justice made me welcome and was very tentative to my needs and any situation I had.  The location I was placed at was also very welcoming. Advance staff  are very nice people and great to work for.  If not for the Advance team I would not have the job I have now.  They are great at what they do!! I will recommend Advance to everyone.

Michael Wiers

Working for Advance Employment is like having an extra support system. You might not need it but having it there helps a lot.

Carol W

I must honestly say that Advance Employment was really great and helpful in getting me a job. I went to the Mount Pleasant office, and Kelsee Hillyard was great in helping me in every aspect of getting a job. I’m satisfied with my interview and job placement, so I thank Advance Employment for everything. And I recommend it to anyone looking for a job.

Scotty Posada