The Customer Should Matter

The letter below is an actual customer service complaint I recently sent to an unnamed large organization.  The names have been omitted so as not to be accused of disparagement. 😊 The moral of the story can be summed up thusly; Whether your company is Mom and Pop or Monster Sized, Best practices, training, commitment […]

Talk to the Hand – Talk to Ya Later

One of my favorite bands in college for a while was The Tubes. They had a top ten hit in 1981 with Talk to Ya Later (in re reading the lyrics it is oh so 80’s, narcissism and toxic masculinity abounds, but hey, it was the 80’s 😊)  Partial Lyrics include “I’ll talk to ya […]

The Power of Curiosity

Our Blog Title, “Blaine’s World” is obviously a shameless take off of SNL’s “Wayne’s World” and the Tagline is another obvious rip off of Dos Equis famous ad campaign “Stay Thirsty my friends”.  I love a good turn of phrase, but I am realistic about my skill set.  If they made a show about my […]