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Safety Mission

Advance Employment places safety first in our pre-employment screening process and throughout the ongoing employment relationship with our valued clients and associates. The Advance Employment Strategic Risk Management Program includes a system that identifies, prevents and reduces both legitimate on-the-job accidents and injuries. It also detects any fraudulent workers compensation claims. We then use that important information to develop a custom safety program for each client. This system of prevention is equipped with specific strategies to combat a huge problem for staffing companies: β€œThe Predators.”

  • Thorough pre-screening of all applicants and clients
  • Identify qualified applicants and clients
  • Client Communication and Education
  • Essential job functions
  • On-site job analysis
  • Associate education and training
  • Implementation of safety programs and rewards
  • Maintenance and monitoring of safety policies and practices
  • Return to work programs

Over the last two decades, Advance Employment has worked diligently to deliver the very best available safety practices to our clients and associates. Today we continue to earn an outstanding reputation for leading the staffing industry in developing progressive ways to prevent work-related injuries. We believe in building long-standing relationships with clients and associates to provide safe working environments while ensuring productivity.