We concentrate on personalized strategies to streamline your employment demands. Whether it’s short-term labor solutions or hiring for a trial period, we are here to help.

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The Best Candidates for the Best Companies

Advance_Image1_1600x1067Advance Employment streamlines the staffing process by finding you exactly who you need the first time. We work hard to recruit, screen, qualify and evaluate all potential employees, carefully pairing the skill sets of the employee to your job requirements.

We are not satisfied with ‘a solution’ until we find the best solution for your workplace and culture.

Staffing Services Overview:

  • Payroll and tax administration
  • Workers’ compensation program
  • Safety Program
  • Benefits Administration
  • Recruiting
  • Pre-qualification and skills testing
  • Orientation and training
  • Project Management
  • Vendor Management Systems

Pre-qualification process

We work hard to find the best-fit for your organization. That is why we require all of our candidates to complete a detailed pre-screening process. Our staffing specialists evaluate candidates on the overall application process and interviews, as well as a number of other testing areas.

  • Personality profiling
  • Background, reference, credit checks
  • Drug testing
  • Skills testing – 1500+ validated assessments available
  • Client-specific testing

Short-term Staffing

Our short-term staffing offers a flexible approach to managing your personnel requirements. We provide candidates for various workforce demands including maternity leave, personal leave, military leave, vacation, special projects and unexpected workload increases.

Trial Hire Approach

Our trial hire option gives you the opportunity to “try before you buy”. We send candidates to you with no upfront commitment. You are able to take time and determine if they are a good fit for your organization and we take care of the employment administration. Reduce the cost of integrating new employees into your work environment before making a permanent hiring decision.

Onsite Program

Partner with our on-site program and let us take on the work of managing your contingent workforce. Our onsite managers become part of your team and integrate into your company culture, caring for your employees just as you would. We free up your time so that you can focus on your core business needs.

Direct Hire Services

Search and recruitment services that provide your organization access to top-notch candidates who best support your company’s growth initiatives.