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Our construction staffing agency has worked with local employers to help them find skilled, dependable people and helped job seekers to land the right job. Advance Employment has served construction job seekers and employers in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana since 1989. Our team screens, interviews, and vets each candidate, analyzing their skills, experience, and potential for cultural fit. Our goal is to help employers and job seekers to overcome their toughest challenges and reach their business and professional goals.

Construction engineers discussion with architects at construction or building site
Female construction worker working on site.

Need Help Upgrading Your Workforce? 

At Advance, we’re about people, results, and relationships. We’re here to contribute to your success. From completing large projects to growing your team, we provide reliable, well-qualified construction staff. That’s why builders, contractors, and other companies depend on Advance when they need a construction temp agency that can quickly provide the people they need. 

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Our construction recruiters in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana work with you to get to know your background and professional experience. They discuss your interests, preferences, and ambitions in detail to match you with the right employers and opportunities to help you reach your goals. When you have construction skills, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Our construction recruiters will get to know your skills, interests, and experience and match you with the correct position. You can work anywhere throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. We care about your career – flagging is our favorite “F” word!