Keep Traffic Moving with Advance Employment
We concentrate on safety and adaptability to provide exceptional staffing support to our roadside construction clients. Maintaining productive, fully-staffed work environments is our priority.

Traffic Flagger Services Overview

Advance Employment provides cost-effective staffing solutions. Our advanced practices will support your personnel needs with a variety of services specific to your roadside project. Our streamlined approach simplifies your recruitment process to ensure your project’s success.

 Sample Traffic Flagger Services:

  • Recruitment and retention of seasonal employees
  • Training and MDOT compliances
  • Workers’ compensation and unemployment
  • COBRA insurance
  • 24/7 dispatch
  • Safety equipment distribution and retrieval


Our Process
Advance Employment provides around-the-clock support to our roadside construction clients. We make sure to immediately identify your specific needs and provide solutions. Advance Employment will then find you exceptional candidates to meet the demands of your project.


  • Cost-effective, quality solutions
  • Adaptive, flexible scheduling and dispatch
  • Superior safety practices
  • 24/7 availability and support
  • Access to fully trained, DOT-certified candidates


  • Complete project under budget
  • Maintain timeline and quality of work
  • Reduce work-related injuries
  • Reduce liability and increase productivity