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Manufacturing / Engineering Staffing and Recruiting

Advance Employment has been connecting hardworking manufacturing staff with employers in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana since 1989. Our tenured recruiters are industry specialists who go above and beyond to make the right match the first time. As a manufacturing staffing agency, we understand what businesses and job seekers need to achieve their goals.

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Manufacturing / Engineering Staffing Experts

Advance is more than a manufacturing temp agency. For organizations in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana we are a partner and advisor. You can count on us for a rapid response when you’re facing a demand crunch or a staff shortage, but when the dust settles, we don’t just walk away because our job is done. We work with you to develop a proactive workforce strategy to prevent a similar situation from arising again.

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Finding the Right Job Can Be Challenging

Even when there are plenty of manufacturing jobs, you may need help choosing the right one. Advance Employment is here for you. Whether you’re looking for better pay, more control over your schedule or a job that’s closer to home, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Our experienced recruiters can connect you with employers who will value your skills, experience, and work ethic. Whether you’re looking for a flexible, entry-level position or you’re ready to supervise your own line, count on us to deliver exclusive opportunities with top companies – and a better work experience for you.