My assignment is actually a Dream come true , just to work for you guys make me feel like I accomplish more everyday . Thanks for your patience with me and the times I needed my employer to stand by my side through the very worst time of my life.

Haley Bradford

My experience was great, I was treated with kindness and respect, my questions were answered, the job was a definite match.


Loved working the County! As long as I was willing to work hard, they all treated me as a full time employee. Advance employees have been more available and always ready to help/answer anything I need.

Andrea Rodriguez

I want to express my gratitude to Advance Employment, especially Ashley, who played a key role in helping me secure my job. The process was quick and easy, and Ashley was always there to support me. I love my job at the company they placed me in. It’s an easy job with good pay, and […]

Ava Bertke

The best part of the job was the flexible schedule. It made it the perfect summer job because I could earn money yet have time for vacation.

Michael Wiers

From the beginning Justice made me welcome and was very tentative to my needs and any situation I had.  The location I was placed at was also very welcoming. Advance staff  are very nice people and great to work for.  If not for the Advance team I would not have the job I have now.  […]