Gossip – “You’re so Vain” – “You’re no Good”

I love Spotify, and Audible, and Alexa….   I might be an Old Dog, but I love the new tricks technology keeps throwing down.  Spotify reconnected me to all kinds of hits from the 70’s that still hold up.  Carly Simons’ signature song and Linda Ronstandts’ double lament bring back memories of private mix tapes and […]

Out with the Old…. Never Mind

If your inbox, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is anything like mine (I am at the tail-end of the Baby Boom generation but I work with a broad cross section of all the “Gen’s”) it is full to overflowing and is way more information than I can possibly keep up with.  I don’t want to miss […]

Meet the New Boss

Depending on the headline you click through, we are already in, or are at 40 year high risk of recession in the US economy.  Scary headlines abound, highlighting tech layoffs, the danger of AI eliminating jobs, national debt exceeding GDP, danger of US debt default, bank failures and on and on ad nauseum.  It’s enough to make one want to Turn on, Tune in, and Drop out, or at least stop watching the news (if you’re under 40 – google it).  But all of that is just running away, and when we run away we will inevitably find that wherever you go, there you are, the problem(s) remain and you’ve just wasted time running.

Don’t Stop Believin’

401k, Now more than ever, it will pay to save.

While the monster 80’s hit Don’t stop Believin’ from Journey isn’t history for me; I was a Senior in High School when the single was released – songs and Albums were “released” back then, not “dropped”, back then “dropping” usually involved spilt milk or clean-up on aisle five

Whip Inflation Now (WIN)

I was at Costco over the weekend, and the bill was 50% larger than it usually is.  Granted, I was a couple of weeks overdue for my regular visit, but the increase was not all quantity, prices for everything continue to be up.  I remembered being a kid in the 70’s and I remembered Gerald Fords “WIN campaign” From Wikipedia;

Accountability is not a four-letter word.

Accountability is not a four letter word.
Duh, you are saying to yourself, it’s 14 letters, I counted twice. So it’s not swearing but why does everybody get quiet when someone says “let’s talk about accountability”. Perhaps it is because in this day and age we put baggage on words like responsibility and accountability that unfairly casts them in a negative light, presuming they automatically demand weight baring or blame sharing.