Ava Bertke

The best part of the job was the flexible schedule. It made it the perfect summer job because I could earn money yet have time for vacation.

Michael Wiers

From the beginning Justice made me welcome and was very tentative to my needs and any situation I had.  The location I was placed at was also very welcoming. Advance staff  are very nice people and great to work for.  If not for the Advance team I would not have the job I have now.  […]

Carol W

Working for Advance Employment is like having an extra support system. You might not need it but having it there helps a lot.

Scotty Posada

I must honestly say that Advance Employment was really great and helpful in getting me a job. I went to the Mount Pleasant office, and Kelsee Hillyard was great in helping me in every aspect of getting a job. I’m satisfied with my interview and job placement, so I thank Advance Employment for everything. And […]

Derrick R

The job was a match 1000%. I was treated great. The experience I had with the Advance Employment team was good. They answered any questions or concerns I did have and I I was treated great. I would highly recommend Advance Employment to anyone.

Rachelle Friend

Allison and Kelsee (Mt Pleasant staff) are both really great! They both do a really good job making people feel comfortable and accepted without judgement.